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Two Hundred Years of Our American Families

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simpson compton

Simpson P. COMPTON
 b. ~1824, Gwinnett County GA
 m. Mariah Aley AUSTIN, ~1852
 d. 3 FEB 1897, Wills Point, Van Zandt, TX

Mariah Alcey "Lizzie" AUSTIN
 b. ~1828, GA
 m. Simpson P. COMPTON, ~1852
 d. 18 JAN 1890, Wills Point, Van Zandt, TX


  1. Parker M. COMPTON
     b. JAN 1850, GA
     d. between 1850 and 1860

  2. Narcisa L. COMPTON, Sis
     b. 26 JUN 1853, GA
     m. Andrew J. PARSON(S), 9 MAR 1873, Paulding County GA
     d. 12 MAY 1884, Lamar County AL
     Vernon City Cemetery, Vernon, Lamar County AL

  3. Josephus Gregory COMPTON
     b. JUL 1855
     m. Mary Jane PARSON(S), 9 MAR 1873, Paulding County GA
     m. Nancy Elizabeth CARROLL, 22 MAY 1881, Van Zandt, TX,
     d. before 1938

  4. Nancy Louise Elizabeth COMPTON
     b. 5 FEB 1859, Paulding County, GA
     m. Joseph Coleman STEWART, 14 Mar 1878, Erath, TX, USA
     d. 19 Apr 1950, Ranger, Eastland County, TX
     Evergreen Cemetery, Ranger, Eastland County, TX

  5. Mary Delane COMPTON
     b. 27 APR 1860, GA
     m. John W. FOLLIS
     d. 24 SEP 1934
    Cumby Cemetery, Hopkins County

  6. Martha J. COMPTON
     b. 27 APR 1860
     m. Unknown
     d. before 1938

  7. James M. COMPTON *
     b. ~1866, Kentucky
     d. 5 DEC 1889, Canton, Van Zandt, TX

  8. William Jason COMPTON
     b. ~1867
     m. Unknown
     d. before 1938

  9. Josiah Ella COMPTON
     b. 3 DEC 1870, GA
     m. Henry Davis ALLEN, 28 OCT 1891, Van Zandt, TX
     m. Nathaniel Monroe CRAWFORD, 1 NOV 1898, Van Zandt, TX
     d. 13 APR 1938, Woodside Cemetery

  10. Allen Jesse COMPTON
     b. 24 MAY 1875, TX
     m. Fredonia BARNES, 31 DEC 1899, Van Zandt County TX
     d. 26 JUL 1926, Rains County TX

Obituary of Simpson P. Compton
S.P. Compton, a well known citizen of this county, living at Canton, was taken very suddenly Monday with paralysis and died yesterday morning at 3 'oclock. He was sitting in a store apparently in good health when he complained of his head hurting him and in an instant fell over unconscious and never revived. He lived at Canton a number of years and had a large acquaintance over the county. The Chronicle extends sympathy to the family and realtives. He died on 3 Feb 1897.

Obituary of Mariah Compton
We are pained to note the death of Mrs. S.P. Compton. She died in this city Saturday night of pneumonia. her remains were interred in the city cemetery Sunday evening at 4 o'clock, F.M. McConnell conducting the funeral services. She was a member of the Baptist church, worshipping at Canton, and died in the truimphs of the religion of Christ.

According to a file on Rootsweb, Simpson P. Compton was a member of "Georgia, Paulding County, Grand Lodge of Georgia 1854. Milford Lodge No. 182, Milford, Paulding County." It seems this is some sort of Masonic organization.

According to Paulding County GenWeb Discharges from Deed Records, Simpson P. Compton served in Company B. 4th GA, enlisting 25 OCT 1861, leaving 25 APR 1862 at Camp Brown. He was 36, 5'10" tall with dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair, and he worked as a grocery merchant.

Halbert's Family Heritage
Simpson P. Compton was also in the same unit as his father: Co C 7th Georgia Infantry as a 2nd Lieutenant. Allegiance: Confederate.

Genealogical and Historical Room, Macon Georgia, in a letter to Barney W. Compton, 29 AUG 1994

Simpson P. Compton was on the Muster Roll for Co C. 7th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia CSA from Paulding County, GA as a 2nd Lt. He Joined May 31, 1861; He resigned Nov. 22 1861.

He later joined the 46th Regiment. Vol. Inf. of the Army of Tennessee CAS as a private in Muscogee County, as a substitute of Nathaniel Hutchinson, Aug. 27, 18662; He deserted on May 4, 1864.

He took Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. Governemnt at Chattanooga on nov. 26, 1864.

Don't let the word "deserted" bother you. Quite often during the Revolution and the War between the States men went home without asking or getting permission to see about their families. They usually came back after checking on things at home.

He did not draw a pension from Georgia.

The Civil War Record of Simpson P. COMPTON
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The Battle of Pickett's Mill
During the Civil War horrible battles took place in the vicinity of the Compton's home. It seems that during this time they may have removed to Kentucky.

1880 Fed'l Census, Van Zandt Co. TX
Name Rel Marital Status Gender Race Age POB Job F's POB M's POB
Simpson COMPTON Self M M W 56 GA House Carpenter NC GA
Next door is listed:
Alcy M. COMPTON Wife M F W 54 GA Keeping House SC SC
Josephias COMPTON Son D M W 24 GA Laborer GA GA
James M. COMPTON Son S M W 14 KY Laborer GA GA
Jacon COMPTON Son S M W 12 GA Laborer GA GA
Jessee A. COMPTON Son S M W 6 TX GA GA

Joel D. Compton may be buried in NEW PALESTINE CEMETERY, CHURCH SECTION 3, Picayune, Pearl River County, Mississippi. There is one listing "Sgt. Joel D. COMPTON, Co. C 7th GA Inf CSA (No dates). Franklin Doss Parsons died in Mississippi during the war, of measles.

Census Notes
Note that James is noted as born in Kentucky in 1866, which might mean that the family relocated during the war, returning to Georgia by 1867 in time for Jason's birth. This also means that there may be Comptons or Austins in Kentucky with whom the family stayed during this time. There is no proof that Narcisa came with the family to Texas.

From Georgia to Texas
The Compton family was in Georgia for the 1870 census, taken on 19 AUG 1870 and in Texas for the birth of Jesse, some time in 1874.

Native American Origins
Everyone in the Stewart family was convinced that we were all of Comanche descent. My dad and my aunts and uncles are all dark complected. Clyde's mother, Louise, was supposed to be full-blooded Comanche. Researching the family I've found that she was born and raised in Georgia. Neither her mother nor her father were full-blooded Native American. Nothing is known of her maternal grandmother, Narcissa. Perhaps Louise was one quarter Native American, or less, but she would not have been Comanche, perhaps Cherokee or Choctaw. Louise, Clyde's mother, related that she was offered land in Oklahoma, but I have not found her on the Dawes Rolls. Louise lived in Canton Texas, a fairly modern East Texas city in 1870. Moving away from her family, to undeveloped land in Oklahoma, could not have been a very appealing proposition. It's possible that one of Louise's brothers or sisters took land, but there is no record. Five of the ten siblings, Josephus Gregory, Louise, James Monroe, Mary Delane, and Ella, have been accounted for with no additional mention of Native American blood.

A third cousin remembers a grandmother telling her that the family was of "black Dutch" descent, but she assumed the grandmother was speaking of her paternal line, and not the Compton line. "Black Dutch" could mean several different things, one of which is that there could be Native American blood in our line.

* James Monroe was the fifth president of the United States, and a drafter of the Constitution. The Monroe Doctrine notified the rest of the world that the American continents were closed to colonization. He was instrumental in the Missouri Compromise which allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, but forever barred slavery north and west of Missouri. His presidency was later labeled "the era of good feelings," due to an almost complete lack of partisan politics.

When Ella died in 1938, Louise wrote to Ella's daughter May, that she was alone in the world - all her family was gone, so we may assume that all of Louise's brothers and sisters died before Ella did. Louise had many children and grandchildren remaining with her.

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