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John Hicks Florence

john hicks florence
John Hicks Florence *
 b. 13 AUG 1817, Lincoln County GA
 m. Martha Elizabeth "Patsie" WALKER, 24 DEC 1837
 m. Mary Catharine STEWART,
 28 MAR 1894
 d. 29 MAR 1896, Dallas County TX
 Florence, J.H., Mesquite Cemetery, Mesquite, Dallas County TX

Martha Elizabeth WALKER, Patsie
 b. 6 OCT 1817, Lincoln County GA
 m. John Hicks FLORENCE,
 24 DEC 1837
 d. 25 DEC 1893,
 Mesquite, Dallas County TX
 Mesquite Cemetery, Dallas County TX


  1. Amanda FLORENCE
     b. 28 AUG 1840, Lincoln County GA
     m. Seaborn WILLINGHAM, 1856
     m. Lewis W. WILSON, 1876, Old Duck Creek, Garland TX
     d. 1909
     Mesquite Cemetery, Dallas County TX

  2. Twins FLORENCE
     b. before 1841, Lincoln County GA
     d. before 1841, Lincoln County GA

  3. Mary FLORENCE
     b. 9 DEC 1842, AL
     m. Thomas J. FLORENCE, 27 DEC 1859, TX
     d. 1870

  4. Jane FLORENCE
     b. 1844, AL
     m. Isaac W. SEALS
     d. 15 AUG 1866, Smith County TX

  5. Nancy FLORENCE
     b. 31 AUG 1846, Saint Clair County AL
     m. Unknown
     d. 17 AUG 1862, Smith County TX

  6. David Walker FLORENCE
     b. 28 OCT 1848, Pell City, Saint Claire County AL
     m. Julia Savannah BEATY, 29 DEC 1866, Van Zandt County TX
     m. Mattie BENNET, 27 MAR 1923
     d. 7 DEC 1932
     Mesquite Cemetery, Dallas County TX

  7. Elizabeth FLORENCE, Lizzie
     b. 23 FEB 1851, Saint Clair County AL
     m. David Quitman MURPHREE, 28 DEC 1870, Van Zandt County TX
     d. 4 JUL 1890, Mesquite, Dallas County TX

  8. Jessie FLORENCE
     b. 26 MAR 1853, Saint Clair County AL
     d. 31 DEC 1868, Smith County TX

  9. Orlena Martha FLORENCE
     b. 15 JAN 1858
     d. AUG 1863, Smith County TX

  10. William FLORENCE
     b. Unknown
     m. Unknown
     d. Unknown

Maria[h] Catharine STEWART
 b. 29 DEC 1840, AL
 m. Hogan WADSWORTH, 6 MAR 1862, Shelby County AL
 m. John Hicks FLORENCE, 28 MAR 1894
 d. After 1910, Vernoy Cemetery, Dallas County TX

About J.H. Florence, The Old Settler, Newhope, Texas, Jan. 12, 1903.

Twenty-four years ago the writer landed in Mesquite and has seen the rapid development of the country near the village of Newhope. Where churches, school buildings and magnificent residences now stand was then a vast extent of prairie, where the wild and wooly mustang ponies, sheep and long-horned Texas steers were free to roam at will. As a great deal of this land came on the market a party contemplated buying it for a cattle ranch. But there was a public spirited man who regarded the advancement of his community more than he did dollars and cents. Accordingly, he closed a deal for the said land, cut it up into blocks and sold it at cost to those who would settle on it, improve it and establish schools and churches. This man was the subject of our sketch. Uncle "Johnnie," as he was called by nearly all, was one of the best and most generous men the writer ever knew. No man, however, poor was refused help when he went to Uncle Johnnie Florence; he never refused a traveller shelter for the night. Possessing plenty of this World's good he was always ready to help the needy and to assist in any worthy enterprise. Uncle Johnnie, although his voice has been hushed for several years by death who is no respecter of persons, was a great benefactor. The prosperity and development of this part the country is a monument to so good a man. He never sought notoriety, but was faithful to his community until he was called to the great beyond. What the world needs today is more of such men who can see beyond self and self interests and be a help to others in the upbuilding of the country. We think it is one of the grandest tributes that can be paid to any man that he lived an unselfish life. Then is his example not worth of emulation.(sic) We can pass the road of life but once. It is impossible to retrace out steps; then let us do all the good we can in all the ways we can to all the people we can and our lives will not have been lived in vain. Old Settler, Newhope, Texas, Jan. 12, 1903.

The Will of J.H. Florence

State of Texas

Dallas County, January 3rh, 1896

Whereas I J.H. Florence and Wife Martha Florence did divide ? our Property equally between our Heirs and did retain an interestmin our homestead during our lifetime,

I now recind a portion of that contract and should I owe any money and retain the Place until the last cent is paid, but if I should not owe any money at my death I do not wish to recind any part of that contract.

If I should owe any money I want D.W. Florence to take charge of the place and rent it out untill the last cent dollar is paid.

I think as much of my children as any body. While I think more of my creditors than any body else.

I also give Davie Florence the power to take charge of all notes and accounts and pay what you collect to my creditors.

And I also artharise him to sell all the horses and cattle I may have on hand except the gray filly and the old mare Lizzy and two cows and calves and buggy which I this day give to Catharine my wife.

J.H. Florence
A.C. [Asa Clayton] Allen

Daniel Florence
Mary's youngest sister, Louvenia Domer Stewart, married Daniel Florence, the nephew of John Hicks Florence. Daniel had been living in Mary and Hogan's home, along with Joseph Florence, his older brother. Daniel and Joseph were the sons of Simeon Florence.


1840 Lincoln County Georgia Census
A John H. Florence is listed.

1880 Dallas County Texas Census
Hogan and Catharine are listed. Two Florence boys, Joseph and Daniel, are living with them. Daniel later marries Araminta Emma. The Wadsworths lived next door to David and Julia Florence of Florence Ranch (see link below).

1900 Dallas County Texas Census, 28 JUN 1900
Mary C. Florence is listed living with Alexander. Hogan died in 1891. She then married John Hicks Florence who died only a couple of years later.

The Historic Florence Ranch.
Florence Hill School

dr. john hicks florence

Dr. John Hicks Florence, Jr. talks with nurses outside the Parkland Hospital. His family is on the porch behind him - they lived at the hospital. The photo was taken between 1898 and 1902. John F. Kennedy was taken to Parkland after he was shot.

About the Portrait
This portrait hangs in the J. H. Florence Elementary School, 4621 Gleneagle Street, in Mesquite Texas. The name on the portrait is "Browne & Browne." Julie Morris writes,

"Mesquite Independent School District honored early pioneer, John Hicks Florence, by naming an elementary school and adjoining community center in his honor in 1966. Florence gave land for the Florences Schoolhouse in 1881. It was located near the intersection of present day Town East Boulevard and Motley Drive. After the death of Florence's daughter, Lizzie Florence Murphree, in 1890 the school was known as the Murphree School. Present day Town East Blvd. was Murphree School Road until the mid twentieth century."

Additional Sources: Donna Fay Florence Steddum, Julie Florence Morris, Dallas County Marriage Record Volume N, page 93, 1894.

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