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Henry Posey > William Elgin Posey

William Elgin POSEY
 b. 22 MAY 1800 Charles County MD
 m. Ann MEEK
 m. Grace Ann BUSH, 1838
 d. 31 DEC 1874  Harpersville City Cemetery, Shelby County AL

 b. 1799
 m. William Elgin POSEY
 d. 1837


  1. James Henry POSEY
     b. 22 SEP 1824, Maryland, USA
     m. Sara Caroline THWEATT, 31 DEC 1846, AL
     m. Effa Matilda STEWART, 21 OCT 1875, Hopkins County, TX
     d. 5 MAY 1910, Grand Prairie, TX
     Vernoy Cemetery, Grand Prairie, TX

  2. William Elgin POSEY, Jr.
     b. 1826
     m. Margaret Elizabeth NELSON
     d. after 1860

  3. Frederick Seybert POSEY, CSA
     b. 13 FEB 1828, Charles County MD
     m. Mary Ann HARPER BEVILLE, 5 DEC 1875, Hopkins County TX
     d. 30 JUL 1893, Hopkins County TX
     Forest Academy Cemetery, Hopkins County TX

  4. Edgar Matthews POSEY
     b. 5 SEP 1832, Charles Co MD
     d. 29 JUN 1854, Marion, Perry County AL
     Harpersville City Cemetery, Shelby County AL

  5. Ann Bush POSEY
     b. 1834, MD
     m. John M. KIDD, 30 OCT 1855, Shelby County AL
     d. after 1860

  6. Mary Catherine POSEY
     b. 1838
     m. Dr. Algernon KIDD, 17 APR 1859, Shelby County AL
     d. 1864

  7. Rosner POSEY
     b. 25 MAR 1830, Charles County MD
     d. 1853

Grace Ann BUSH
 b. 8 OCT 1798, Charles County MD
 m. William Elgin POSEY, ~1838, Charles County MD
 d. 4 JUL 1859, AL
 Harpersville City Cemetery, Shelby County AL

1860 Harpersville Shelby County AL Census, 20 JUL 1860
W.E. [William Elgin] Posey is listed with F.S. Posey, A.C. Kidd, Mary C. Kidd, Elizabeth Posey and Caroline A. Kidd, 2/12s. Next door is Alex Posey, 42-MD, Caroline, 15-AL, Sarah, 14-AL, Elvira, 12-AL, Roseana, 10-AL, Thomas, 8-AL, Richard and Alex (twins) 3-AL. These census listings are on the same page as those of Sarah Jane Stewart and her husband John S. Martin, and are one page away from the Stewart and Wadsworth families.

William Elgin Posey's Bible inscriptions:

Well kept but seldom red, by we poor sinners who ought to dread
the day of judgement o'er our heads.
My earthly father, Henry Posey, departed this life Oct.23, 1823.
Grace A. Bush Posey died 1859, married W.E. Posey 1838
Richard Barnes Posey born 1805 [bro. to Ann Meek Posey]
Ann Meek Posey born 1799, died after 4 hour illness 1837
Mary Meek Posey, born 176- [mother of Ann Meek Posey and Wife of James Posey]
James Posey born 1766 [brother to Henry]
Elizabeth Elgin Posey, born 1797 [sister to William Elgin]

More Info on Frederick Seybert Posey
Posey, F. S. - b. 13 Feb. 1828, d.30 Jly. 1893 ( Masonic resolutions )
Frederick Seyburt Posey was born in Charles Co, Md, Feb. 13, 1828, and died in Hopkins Co., Texas, Jly. 30, 1893, and was at the time of his death, 65 years, 5 mos. and 17 days old. He leaves a wife and several step-children. He moved to Alabama in 1837, was baptized in the Spring Creek Baptist Church, Shelby Co., Ala; was made a Mason in the year 1848 in Harpersville Lodge, Ala. He joined the Confederate service, joined Capt. Dan Martin, Co. I, Col. Henleys 18th Regt.; was discharged on account of bad health; came to Texas, volunteered in a Cavalry Co. in Sulphur Springs.) (There is a top half of a stone with F. S. Posey, no dates, on ground behind Forest Academy State Marker)

Frederick Seybert Posey's confederate pension record states that he served in Company C of the 35th Texas Cavalry under Lt. Col. W.M. Wortham, Terrells Brigade.

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