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Two Hundred Years of Our American Families

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William STOCKTON *, "Bill," "Old Ireland"
 b. 17 MAR 1810, TN
 m. Merena O'NEAL, ~1836, Marion County TN
 m. Mary E. BORING, ~1869, TX
 d. 1875, Rains County TX
 Shooks Cemetery, near Lone Oak, Rains County TX

Merena O'NEAL
 b. 1818 Marion County TN
 m. William STOCKTON, ~1836, Marion County TN
 d. 18 SEP 1870, Rains County TX
 Shooks Cemetery, near Lone Oak, Rains County TX


  1. Mary H. STOCKTON, Polly
     b. 1837, Tishamingo County MS
     m. Robert William RABE
     d. before 1870

  2. Samuel Oliver STOCKTON, CSA
     b. 29 FEB 1840, Tishamingo County MS
     m. Mary Clarrisa SHUMATE, 20 NOV 1868, Hunt County TX
     d. 29 JAN 1907, Stamford, Jones County TX

  3. William Porter STOCKTON, Porter, CSA
     b. 29 FEB 1840 or 1942, Tishamingo County MS
     m. Lucinda Emeline IVY, 12 JUL 1862, Greenville, Hunt County TX
     m. Emma Iradella DAVENPORT
     d. 2 APR 1912, Lometa Cemetery, Lampasas County TX

  4. John Hosea STOCKTON, John, CSA
     b. 5 DEC 1843, Tishamingo County MS
     m. Mary Serena IVEY, 27 DEC 1866, Waco, McLennan County TX
     d. 22 JUN 1939, Haskell County TX

  5. Margaret STOCKTON, Mag
     b. ~1846, Tishamingo County MS
     m. John Hooker LYNCH, ~1866
     m. Alonzo CORNELIUS, ~1881
     d. Unknown

  6. Calvin Clayton STOCKTON
     b. 22 MAY 1848, Tishamingo County MS
     m. Janey MCDANIEL, ~1869
     d. 22 MAY 1929
     West End Cemetery, Stephenville, TX

  7. Sarah Madison STOCKTON, Sallie or Sally
     b. 18 APR 1850, Tishamingo County MS
     m. Marion Franklin HOMLESLY
     d. 9 APR 1930, San Angelo, Tom Green County TX

  8. William Franklin STOCKTON, Frank
     b. 29 MAY 1852, Pontotoc County MS
     m. Lucy Ann CARRUTH, 1870, Indian Territory
     d. 22 OCT 1916, Throckmorton County TX

  9. Wilson STOCKTON, "Wilce," or "Rooster"
     b. 8 FEB 1853, Van Zandt County TX
     m. Araminta Emma STEWART, 22 FEB 1883, Dallas County TX
     d.10 OCT 1925, Erath County TX
     West End Cemetery, Stephenville, TX

  10. Louvenia STOCKTON
     b. ~1856
     d. before the 1870 census

  11. Robert STOCKTON
     b. ~1859, Van Zandt County TX
     d. before the 1870 census

 b. 1837, IL
 m. George MCDANIEL, ~1850
 m. William STOCKTON, ~1869, TX
 d. Unknown


  1. Norman (or Namun) STOCKTON
     b. MAR 1870, TX
     m. Unknown
     d. Unknown

L.H. and Nancy SHUMATE, the parents of Mary Clarrisa SHUMATE, are buried in Shooks Cemetery. A note at the site says there are many Stuarts and Stocktons buried there, though I don't believe these are the same Stewarts. Lone Oak is between Sulphur Springs and Point, on Highway 69. The Shook Cemetery, in Rains County was flooded by the Iron Bridge Dam. Nancy SHUMATE's maiden name is HOLMESLY. Sarah Madison STOCKTON married a HOLMESLY. HOLMESLY is variously spelled HOMESLY, HOMESLEY, HOLMESLEY (more often), and in one census HOMLESLY.

Ancestry.com Community lists Lilburn H. Shumate, b. 14 NOV 1822, Claiborne TN, d. 13 NOV 1889, Rains County TX; and Nancy Merina HOLMSLEY, b. 1827 AR, d. 1 AUG 1885, Rains County TX.

Robert W. Raby is living next to Calvin Stockton in Lone Grove in the 1870 Hunt County Census. Listed with him is James 15, Jane A. 13, Alice 9, and Mary E. 4. Robert Raby married Lucy Stewart the following year. Lucy's little sister Emma later married Wilson Stockton.

The children Robert and Louvenia Stockton died before the 1870 census.

William "Bill" Stockton and Merena O'Neal Stockton,
related by Willie Stockton Whisenhunt Pruett

William (Bill) Stockton, son of Israel and Sally Hull Ford Stockton, was called by friends "Ole Ireland." He was a tall, jovial, raw bone, sturdy Irish man. He piloted a ferry boat on the Mississippi River during the 1830's. He and three of his brothers came west as far as the Mississippi River; there they became separated and only he and Sam (Samuel) came on into Texas. We do not know anything about the other brothers.

Bill married, Merena O'Neal in the late 1830's. She came from Tennessee. Her people also migrated to Mississippi and into Texas and lived at Greenville, [Hunt County] Texas. They reared a family; John O'Neal was born in 1797. He married Margaret Hickey. They had four children. Martha O'Neal married a Bullard. Wilson Samuel O'Neal married Emaline Keith. She was a daughter of Eli Keith. Matthew O'Neal we do not know about. Many of this family were buried in Greenville Cemetery.

Merena O'Neal (wife of Bill Stockton) was born approximately in the year of 1818 in Marion County, Tennessee. Merena said, they lived near the river. When she was a very, very small girl (her mother died). The last time she saw her mother was when two women wrapped her in a sheet and rowed her down some river. Merena O'Neal Stockton died with a cancer on her heel while at the home of her son Sam (Samuel Oliver) Stockton. She was buried at the Shook Cemetery of Rains County, Texas. Her grave was unmarked. The land was in the Sabine River Basin. In recent years they may have moved the bodies or covered them over and made a large lake [Tawakoni] which included most of Shook Cemetery and left only a few unmarked graves. The Cemetery was near Lone Oak, Texas. Lone Oak, Texas is where the Bill (William) Stockton's children were reared. The only visible thing left of the once lively home is an old cistern and the groves of trees near it.

Bill (William) Stockton and Merena Stockton lived in Mississippi at Pontotoc, in Pontotoc County. [Their son, William] Frank Stockton was born there in 1852. They also lived at Holly Springs, Mississippi. [Their son] Porter Stockton was born in 1842. We think at this place, Holly Springs, Mississippi. We have not established what year they came into Texas. Wilce Stockton was born in 1855 in Van Zandt County, Texas. We do know they bought land and settled at Lone Oak, Texas. Lone Oak, Texas is near Wills Point, Texas. They hunted, owned slaves, bought and traded stock, sheep, cattle, horses and mules. It was here they reared their family of six boys and three girls. Three of the boys fought in the War between the states. Bill (William) Stockton was strongly against session from the Union. He was nearly killed one night by a mob because of his convictions. He was standing up in a wagon talking against the States separating from the Union and the mob would have killed him if his friends had not taken him away. His son, Samuel, told him he had rather fight four more years than to give up to the Yankees and secede from the Union.

Bill and Merena Stockton had deep religious convictions and they attended camp meetings and took part in them. The influence of this early religious training shows in the family ancestor sheets of the boys and girls long after their father and mother were dead. The Stockton's were in several states before coming to Texas to stay. They were in Missouri, Carolines's, Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi.

Bob (Robert) Stockton, Uncle John's boy related this sotry to me. He said "Ole Ireland," (Bill Stockton) bought two salves 17 and 18 years old. When he bought them they were shin and bones. He took them home and had them take baths, fed them well. He gave them milk, butter, fresh meat, vegetables and fruit for two weeks. He never let them work until they were in good health. He never punished them by whipping them. He gave them all the tobacco they wanted. He never worked them on Saturday evening or Sunday. The slaves were loyal to him.

Bill Stockton had strong likes and dislikes. Once when his girls were still at home there was an old lady by the name of Lake that came to visit Bill's family. Bill didn't like her because she was a gossiper and a busy body. Bill came in from work and saw her. He was infurated, so he got the broom and chased her out of the house and told her to go home and stay away from his family.

I talked with Bosque Decker Blodgett, daughter of Isiah Ivy and Elizabeth Patterson Ivy. She told me she knew about "Old Ireland" Bill or William Stockton, my great grandfather. In that day and time people used the world old as a term of endearment, the same as we call some one dear, honey, or sweetheart. Bosque is my Grandmother Emeline Lucinda Ivy Stockton's half sister. I played with her children. I remember well her fried chicken and raisin cobbler pies. Aunt Bosque fell and broke her hip eight years ago. She is in the rest home at Lampasas, Texas. She is 96 years old. She told me she had seen William (Bill) Stockton but was too young to recall, and what she did say, had been related to her. She said, the tradition was that Old Ireland was a happy, jovial man and interested in the development of his state and country and freedom for mankind. That will probably be all I will ever hear about (Bill) William Stockton from the lips of a person who saw him when he was living. The Stockton's and Ivy's (Isiah Ivy) crossed the Mississippi together. It took three days and nights for them to get across. They had stock as well as household supplies. Bill had a trunk filled with gold, very valuable. A girl named Margaret Pig wanted to go to Texas with them, but had no money to pay her transporation. She told Bill that she would sit on the trunk and guard it if they would let her cross the River with them. Calvin remembered being told about this incident many times. It was his mother that sat on the trunk to relieve Margaret Pig. So the Stockton's came over into Texas in the early 1840's. They went back to Mississippi, but they did come over here at that time for my own grandmother Emeline Ivy Stockton was born in 1844 in Panola County, Texas.

Isiah Ivy and other Ivy's left East Texas in 1866. John Stockton was in love with Serene, Dock Ivy's daughter and after they had been gone several days, he saddled his horse and started out to catch up with the wagon train. He did catch up and they were married in Waco, Texas, December 27, 1866. Later they lived at Wills Point, Texas. [Doc Ivy is buried at the Lone Star Cemetery in Rains County, Texas.]

Just a short time before Calvin (Bill's son) and Janey McDaniel got married, an incident happened which changed the lives of the Stockton Family. Bill became infatuated with a well-to-do widow, Mrs. Mary McDaniel, Janey's mother. We think Bill and Merena were divorced at this time. Merena was the mother of his nine children. Bill married Mrs. McDaniel before Calvin and Janey had their wedding. We think this wedding was in 1867 or 1868 for it was then the Stockton boys began to leave the Lone Oak Community. The ancestory sheet will tell where they eventually settled and reared their families.

Bill died at his home, the widow McDaniel place in 1875. He was buried in the Shook cemetery. This is the same one Merena, his first wife was buried in. Calvin was very angry with his father for marriage with widow McDaniel. Mrs. McDaniel was related to Serene Ivy Stockton.

Israel Stockton had a son named Benjamin. I received a letter from Dr. Robert L. Stockton, M.D., Waco, Texas. He said in checking the history and the family tree you have sent, it is most interesting that Benjamin is indirectly a relative of mine. It is also known that he is Israel Stockton's son and was a grandson of Richard Stockton of New Jersey. Benjamin Stockton moved to an area in Tennessee and was childless. I visited a place named "Stockton Valley" in Tennessee. I saw the place where the Stockton's were buried and the church place where they worshipped. Of course the old church is gone, but another has been built and people still worship there. In the old mountains of Tennessee.

Sam Stockton brother to William (Bill) Stockton children:

Port (Little)
Sam (Little)
Sally (married) Pierce. Her son is a policeman in Fort Worth - name Frank Pierce (He's dead)
Em (Emma or Emily) married Faigen or Feagen
Fish married Clark

We would like to know more about this family. It is my sincere wish that this may be of some help to our family. Thanks, to all who helped me collect this material.

Willie Stockton Whisenhunt Pruett

Mary Boring McDaniel was the widow of George McDaniel (b. 1827, OH). Their children were: John (~1850, TX), Jane (~1851, TX), William (~1857, TX), and James (~1859, TX).

Mary Serena Ivey and Lucinda Emoline Ivey were cousins. Mary Serena was the daughter of Lorenzo Dow Ivey, and Lucinda Emoline Ivey was the daughter of Isaiah Ivey. Both Lorenzo and Isaiah were the children of Mary and Isaiah Ivey.

* Ancestors of Anthony Tollett list William Franklin Stockton as a Junior, which would make "Old Ireland" William Franklin Stockton Sr., a fact which has been disputed.

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