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Names Index

Alexanderson, Albert William
Alexanderson, Anders Petter
Alexanderson, Chester Carl, aka Chet
Alexanderson, Helen Louise, married Pearson
Alexanderson, Helma Johanna, married Larson
Alexanderson, Inez May Fern, married Van Zelf
Allen, Henry or Haney D.
Allen, Minnie Davis
Andrews, Elberon Grayson, aka Elby, married Larson
Austin, Mariah Alcey, married , aka Lizzie
Barnes, Ada
Barry, Frances Esther
Bealle, Audrey, married Cheek
Bell, Audrey, married Cheek
Bell, Thomas N., married Stockton
Ben, Pearl, married Rabe
Blake, Jennie, married Golding
Brackenridge, Viola M.
Brawner, Beulah T., married Maxwell
Brawner, Billie Joe
Brawner, Fonso
Brawner, James H., Jimmie
Brawner, James L.
Brawner, John E.
Brawner, Homer Herman, Jr.
Brawner, Homer Herman, Sr.
Brawner, Lily
Brawner, Lila H.
Brawner, Maxine
Breckenridge, James Clay
Brunley, Minnie Green, married Follis
Caldwell, Andrews
Caldwell, Edina B.
Caldwell, Hallie L.
Caldwell, Henry C.
Cannon, Mary Roberta
Cantebury, Georgia Dean, married Rabe
Carrell, J.W., married Brackenridge, aka Buster
Carrigan, Billy Mac
Carrigan, J.P., married Mclain
Carroll, Nancy Elizabeth, married Compton
Cheek, Clay
Choate, Ellender B.
Clarke, Alvin H.
Clarke, Alvin Henry, Jr.
Clarke, Constance Mildred
Clarke, Dorothea E., aka Dotty
Clarke, Kenneth Lothridge, aka Pete
Clifton, Lula D., married Knight, Potts
Clifton, Nathaniel
Coggins, Andrew J.
Coleman, Araminta D., married Stewart
Compton, Beatrice
Compton, Dee Witt
Compton, Georgia, married Jordan
Compton, James C.
Compton, James Monroe
Compton, Jessee A.
Compton, Josephus Gregory, Jr.
Compton, Josephus Gregory
Compton, Josiah Ella, married Allen, Crawford, aka Ella
Compton, Margie Hester
Compton, Martha J.
Compton, Mary Delane
Compton, Nancy Louise Elizabeth, married Stewart, aka Lou
Compton, Narcissa L.
Compton, Patrick M.
Compton, Simpson Patrick, married , aka S.P.
Compton, William Barney, Sr.
Compton, William Jason
Compton, William McKinley
Cowherd, Luther Louis, Jr., aka Lou, married Larson
Crawford, Lafairies L.
Crawford, Lula Maye
Crawford, Nathaniel Monroe
Crawford, Robert Simpson
Crisp, Jessie Amanda , married Brawner
Dawson, Albert Earl
DeWitt, Weldon Gene, married Koon
Disheroon, Elizabeth Ann Frances, married Sitz
Disheroon, John Timothy Crenshaw
Drennan, W.G.
Drummond, Diane Marguerite, married Larson
Duke, Kizzie Pearl, married Stockton
England, Mollie J., married Stewart
Farmer, Alvin
Farmer, Cecil
Farmer, Dewitt
Farmer, Harry A.
Farmer, Ruby
Florence, Coleman
Florence, Delynne
Florence, Daniel, aka Dink
Florence, Douglas
Florence, Georgia
Florence, Gladys
Florence, Hazel
Florence, John, aka Jack
Florence, Preston
Florence, Wallace Douglas
Flower, Jane Pasley, married Alexanderson
Follis, Burton H.
Follis, Daniel Allen
Follis, Ella, married McIntire
Follis, Foree G.
Follis, John W.
Follis, Mae
Follis, Naoma, married Holt
Follis, Obie M.
Follis, Oscar Mays
Follis, Perry W.
Follis, Roland
Follis, Simpson Mays
Follis, William A.
Follis, Woodrow W.
Flynn, Mary "Mollie", married Sitz
Gertlar, Alvina Margaret, married Alexanderson
Gertlar, Thelma Ann, married Alexanderson
Girard, Linda Diane, married Henry
Golding, Arthur Orval
Golding, Audrey Beryl, married Hood, Stewart, Miller
Golding, Eva Nineveh, married Booker
Golding, Flossy
Golding, Ralph
Golding, Roscoe
Golding, Wayne Roscoe
Hatfield, Homer Nathaniel
Hatfield, W.D.
Hatfield, William Robert
Hays, R. Arthur
Henry, Gary Lynn
Henry, Gregory Layne
Henry, Jack Layne
Henry, James Edward
Henry, James Thomas, married Stockton
Henry, Judith Anne
Henry, Thomas D.
Henry, T.W.
Henry, Winfred B.
Hicks, Miki Joanne, married Koon
Highnote, Luther H., married Mclain
Hogue, Lela Pearl
Holland, Bradley Duwayne, married Koon
Holt, Roy A.
Hood, Bud Folsom
Hood, Gerald Bud Roscoe
Hubbard, Mary Lucille
Hudspeth, Neal, married Maxwell
Ivy, Audrey O., married Hatfield
Johnson, Wanda Grace, married Barnes
Koops, Diena Wilhelmina Christina
Knight, Frances Alline, aka Frankie
Knight, Franklin P., Jr.
Knight, Franklin P., Sr.
Langley, Teresa Rose, married Whitfill, Stewart
Lankford, Silas
Larson, Andrew Elwyn
Larson, Charles Leroy, aka Roy
Larson, Charles Leroy, Jr., aka Chuck
Larson, Eleanore Louise, married Parkinson
Larson, Lawrence William, aka Bill
Larson, Nedra Karen, married Williams, Shiffler, Cowhere
Larson, Twyla Marie, aka Twy, married Andrews
Lawhan, Effie
Lawhan, Eva Lou
Layne, Margaret Ann, married Sitz
Lee, Verbie Frances
Link, Dorothea H., married Clarke
Love, Jessie Mae
Lowe, William Patterson, married Compton
Martin, John S., Jr.
Martin, John S.
Martin, Katie Florence, married Stewart
Martin, Mary Gertrude, married Stockton, Potts
Maxwell, Anna Adaline
Maxwell, Claude Price
Maxwell, Edith Lura, married Mclain, Hudspeth
Maxwell, Emma May
Maxwell, James Harvey
Maxwell, John Marion
Maxwell, Joseph Henry
Maxwell, Mary Frances
Maxwell, Sarah Magrite
McLain, Bobby Joe, Jr.
McLain, Bobby Joe, Sr., married Patterson
McLain, Cleatus Velma, married Carrigan, Highnote
McLain, Orion Morgan, Sr., married Maxwell
McLin, Tony Pat
McCleskey, Daniel Edward
McCleskey, Emma Louise
McCleskey, Louis Edward
McCleskey, Opal Elizabeth
McIntire, W.J.
Miller, Clyde Acton
Moore, George Jackson
Moore, Girlin Jackson
Morton, Nealy A., married Rabe
O'Neal, Amey
Parker, Myrtle
Parkinson, James George, married Larson
Parsonon, Mary Jane, married Compton
Patterson, Mary Geneva, married Mclain
Payne, Ada
Pearson, Werner, married Alexanderson
Perry, Viola Isabell
Peterson, Anna Mathilda
Phillips, Oleta, married Stewart, aka Dude
Posey, Catherine Florence
Posey, Clifford
Posey, Flossy
Posey, Henry Elgin
Posey, James Henry
Posey, John Harrison
Posey, Loula Minter
Posey, Sidney
Posey, Vera
Potts, James W.
Potts, Joseph Richard
Potts, Susie Vera
Rabe, Doma A., married Farmer
Rabe, Edna G.
Rabe, Edna Lucile
Rabe, Elmer Leander
Rabe, Georgia Dean
Rabe, Katie B., married Knight
Rabe, Lela Pearl
Rabe, Lucy J.
Rabe, Reuben Daniel
Rabe, Robert Jay
Rabe, Robert W.
Rabe, Willie Loraine, aka Jack
Ragland, Mabel Rose, married Stockton
Ramsey, Charles L., married Sitz
Ramsey, George D.
Ramsey, Harvey L.
Ramsey, Harvey S., married Sitz
Scott, Elizabeth P., married Sitz
Shiffler, Robert Franklin, aka Bob, married Larson
Sitz, Arry S.
Sitz, Carl Wilson
Sitz, Carol Wendy
Sitz, Charlie Peter
Sitz, Charles
Sitz, Cornelia Ran, married Disheroon
Sitz, Dorothy I.
Sitz, Elizabeth
Sitz, Evelyn
Sitz, Faithie, married Lowe
Sitz, Frances, married Tate, aka Fannie
Sitz, Frances
Sitz, Francis Marion
Sitz, George Washington II
Sitz, George Washington, I
Sitz, George Washington, III
Sitz, Juanita
Sitz, Levi J.
Sitz, Levi Jackson
Sitz, Mary, married Lankford, aka Me-le-Sitz-Lankford
Sitz, Minnie
Sitz, Nancy Caroline Coggins
Sitz, Parrizade
Sitz, Sarah, married Vandergrift
Sitz, William G.
Sitz, William Jackson
Sitz, Zachariah
Sommer, Rita Elizabeth, married Larson
Soseby, Austin
Soseby, Unknown
Soseby, Velma Florine
Soseby, Jeanette
Stanford, Paul Horace, Sr., married Crawford
Steccone, Judy Ann
Stephenson, Elby, married Stewart
Stephenson, Jessie, aka J.C.
Stewart, Alexander Newton
Stewart, Alma
Stewart, Ana
Stewart, Anna Judson, married Dunlap
Stewart, Araminta Emma
Stewart, Clyde Arthur
Stewart, Cynthia Linne, aka Cindy
Stewart, Cyril
Stewart, D. Emily
Stewart, Daniel Morrison
Stewart, Daniel
Stewart, Delila Mae, married Thomas
Stewart, Della Avery, married Maxwell
Stewart, Effa Matilda, married Posey
Stewart, Effie Ada, married Elby Stephenson
Stewart, Eric
Stewart, James Monroe
Stewart, Jeffie E.
Stewart, Joseph Coleman, aka Pap
Stewart, Lovenia Domer, married Florence, aka Dink
Stewart, Louisiana Carolina, married Rabe, aka Lucy
Stewart, Luna Oney
Stewart, Mariah Catharine, married Wadsworth, Florence, aka Mary
Stewart, Marvin
Stewart, Marvin, Jr.
Stewart, Mary Magdalene, married Watson, aka Maggie
Stewart, Maud Odma, married Breckenridge
Stewart, Minnie Lee, married Hatfield
Stewart, Ollie Dola, married McCleskey
Stewart, Orville
Stewart, Oscar W.
Stewart, Rebecca Paulleane
Stewart, Ruby Ladonia, married Brawner, aka Lado
Stewart, Sarah Jane, married Martin, Clifton, Drennan
Stewart, Thomas Edwin
Stewart, Thomas Newton
Stewart, Walker Jarome
Stewart, Wesley Homer
Stewart, William W.C.
Stockton, Daniel Hutton, Jr.
Stockton, Daniel Hutton, Sr.
Stockton, Doris May
Stockton, Francis M., aka Port
Stockton, Lula M.
Stockton, Mary H.
Stockton, Myrtle
Stockton, Walter Leland, (daughter) aka Lela
Stockton, Warren
Stockton, Wilber
Stockton, William Berton, Sr., aka Bert
Stockton, Wilson
Tate, Jazeal
Taylor, John K.
Thomas, Effie
Thompson, Ethel, married Farmer
Wadsworth, Hogan
Watson, Bowdon
Watson, Cleo G.
Watson, James C.
Watson, Joe C.
Watson, Porter
Wells, Mary Lee, married Stewart
Whitfill, Delbert
Whitfill, Thomas Asa
Williams, Amanda Lavina
Williams, Carlton M.
Williams, Duayne, aka Willie, married Larson
Williams, Edna L.
Williams, Era M.
Williams, Ethel J.
Williams, Newton C.
Williams, Robert H.
Wynn, Lela Kate

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