Two Hundred Years of Our American Families


This site traces the genealogy of a group of related American families, and some of their associated families.

Surnames and Names Index

The Family of Simpson Patrick "S.P." Compton

The Family of Roscoe Golding

The Family of Charles Leroy "Roy" Larson

The Family of Carl Wilson Sitz

The Family of Daniel Stewart

Special thanks to the following: Dewey Brawner; Cecil Carter; Barney Compton; Margarite Crawford; Johnann [Posey] Davis; Willie Dawson; Jan Hinshaw; Colette [Compton] Holt Herd; Modeen Huggins; Brody Koon; Orion Morgan McLain; Garth Looney; Beverly Ann Ryan; Ron Shumate; Helen Skaggs [via Rabes]; Donna Faye [Florence] Steddum; LaDella [Rabe] Jones; Ladena [Rabe] Parnacher; Annette [Stewart] Brown; Bruce, Gary, and Mark Stewart; Robert Stewart; Vera [Stewart] Macon; Warren and Wilber Stockton; Eddie Tullar; Charlene Larson Stewart; and many others.

The text accompanying the image above is from the song The Dream Before, written by Laurie Anderson [Strange Angels], inspired by a text by Walter Benjamin's 9th aphorism from his Theses on the Philosophy of History, Illuminations, (p. 257-58).

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